What We Do

The BFA seeks to help guide the responsible selection of feedstocks for biobased plastics in order to encourage a more sustainable flow of materials, helping to create lasting value for present and future generations.

Video: Introduction to Bioplastics

Growing Responsible Bioplastics

Building a future where people, nature, and the economy can all thrive means changing the way we interact with our planet and its resources. The BFA seeks to advance an informed and inclusive discussion about the critical issues facing the bioplastics industry – see what we’ve learned.


Biocontent Claims

BFA believes credible and transparent public biocontent claims are important to strengthening both the bioplastic industry and environmental performance. See our  position on biocontent claims.


  • Pre-Competitive

    Sharing knowledge and collaborating to drive positive change for the bioplastics industry at scale.

  • Science-Based

    Utilizing informed science to understand current and future sustainability improvements of feedstocks for plant-based plastics.

  • Stewardship

    Encouraging environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable production of bioplastic feedstocks.